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Our expertise helps you to create strategic culture change through customized, successful solutions to your complex business issues, in all economic sectors, through:
  • strategic leadership

  • strategic planning and execution

  • organizational transformation

  • employee engagement



Summit Advisors' President recently returned from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lima, Peru; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Kingston, Jamaica where he was consulting with companies on strategic planning. He also conducted various three-day management workshops for companies on Executive Leadership and Improving Managerial Skills. He will be returning to Argentina and San Paulo, Brazil in a few months.

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Strategic Planning

It’s that time of year to begin reviewing your strategic plan. If you have not yet developed a strategic plan, now is the time to commit.

Below are five questions to consider, developed by Peter Drucker, as an effective way to begin strategic planning.

1. What is your mission? Why does your organization exist in the first place? What are you trying to accomplish for your customers?

2. Who are your customers? Describe the organization you wish to satisfy with your actions.

3. What does your customer value? What is it that you do especially well that you are uniquely suited to provide to your customers? How can you exceed the standards set by your competition?

4.What results are you trying to accomplish? How do you measure success?

5. What is your plan? How do you go about satisfying your customers and getting the results that are most important?

Summit Advisors can help facilitate your strategic planning process.

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Management Consulting

Summit’s management consulting is the practice of helping organizations improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.

Organizations acquire the services of Summit Advisors for a number of reasons, including gaining external and objective advice and access to the Summit' experienced specialized expertise.

Because of Summit’s exposure to and relationships with numerous organizations, Summit is also aware of industry "best practices." Summit understands the transferability of such practices from one organization to another may be problematic depending on the situation under consideration and that each situation must be addressed separately with specific solutions to each situation.

Summit also provides organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, and operational improvement services. Summit Advisors brings our expertise to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective and efficient ways of performing business tasks.


In general, various approaches to consulting can be thought of as lying somewhere along a continuum, with an 'expert' or prescriptive approach at one end, and a facilitative approach at the other. In the expert approach, Summit takes the role of expert, and provides expert advice or assistance to the client, with, compared to the facilitative approach, less input from, and fewer collaborations with, the client. With a facilitative approach, Summit focuses less on specific or technical expert knowledge, and more on the process of consultation itself.

Summit is organized into specialized business functions or types of consulting:

  • Strategy

  • Building Cultures

  • Operations

  • Executive leadership

  • Process improvement

  • Change mangement

  • Talent management

  • Human resource consulting

  • Virtual management consulting

  • Bankruptcy management consulting

  • Organizational development

  • Process management

  • Training and development.

Advantages of  Using Summit's Management Consulting Services

  • Summit brings the objectivity to the consulting relationship without bias.
  • Summit brings knowledge of best practices from other corporations to the table.
  • Summit brings experience into the client and  proactively provides diverse training to internal personnel.